Ninja Sex Party - Attitude City Chords

Ninja Sex Party - Attitude City Chords


[Verse 1]
Dm                        G
 What's up baby? You're a very sexy lady
         F                              G
What's a good girl like you doing in a 'hood like this?
Dm                           G
 Your life's in danger every enemy's a stranger
But good for you I rule this town with my iron fists

Dm                             G
 Check my sunglasses for proof that I kick some asses
        F                                         G
No more classes, you've been schooled and now you know the deal
Dm                   G
 Everyone here has a black belt in "Amazing"
                              A                        Bm
And diplomas from The University of Fucking Keepin' it Real

[Chorus 1]
Bm            A                 Em
 (Hey! Hey!) That's how we're livin'
           G   A    Bm
Welcome to Attitude City
         D                G
(Hey! Hey!) No fucks are given
A                        Bm
 When you're in Attitude City

          A                       Em
(Hey! Hey!) You made the right decision
              G   A   Bb
If your goal was to learn how to rock
Now sit back as I walk you though
    Asus                        A
My life as the baddest fuckin' dude on the block

[Verse 2]
Dm                    G
 Every morning I wake up before the dawn and
      F                          G
Run a half a mile in forty seven minutes flat
Dm                         G
 Then shit gets crazy, I water my grandma's daisies
And sit down with her for biscuits and have a nice chat (Fuck yeah!)

Dm                           G
 Then I maintain this insane body with weight training
         F                                   G
Can't contain me! Put five pounds up on that barbell rack! (Do it!)
Dm                        G
 Just ask my mother, I am one tough fuckin' fucker
                                      A                           Bm
And if I have scary dreams I can just go to sleep between her and dad

[Chorus 2]
Bm       A              Em
 (Hey! Hey!) No one can faze me!
            G   A    Bm
When I'm in Attitude City
         D                 G
(Hey! Hey!) This shit gets crazy
A                  Bm
 Daily in Attitude City

         A                      Em                     G     A
(Hey! Hey!) My rock is fuckin' tasty... but here come some tough
Bb                          F
Guys from the town, trying to steal my crown
             Asus                                A
I'll take on your whole bitchass gang, now let's throw the fuck down!

[Acoustic breakdown]
(Ninja Brian, would you lay down a sick flute solo for me? Thank you.)

Dm               C
Oh what a lovely spring day
    Bb                   C
For you to visit our cit-tay
Dm                  C
Here are some tasty gumdrops
    Bb              Am         C
And rainbow colored lollipops (lollipops)

Dm                 C
Do come again with your thugs
    Bb                   C
But only if you like bro hugs
Eb                Bb
Here's my wallet, have a nice


[Final Chorus]
Bm                A               Em
 (Hey! That's right!) We are the masters
           G   A    Bm
Of fuckin' Attitude City!
               D               G
(Hey! We're much) Harder and faster
A                     Bm
 Than you in Attitude City

           A              Em
(Hey! We are) nightmare disasters!
        G   A    Bb                          F
For anyone who shows disrespect, girl your life we'll protect
           Asus                               A
And if you think we're awesome then you are extremely correct!

     Dm              G
Rock fuck! (Sorry, I don't know why we said fuck there...)
Dm  C    Dm
    Rock fuck! (Sorry again.)