Ylvis - Old Friends Chords

Ylvis - Old Friends Chords

Intro: C

I saw you at the railway station
there had been a cancelation
F                                 G
you were smoking cigarettes alone
  C                           Am
I walked up and said hello, I lost my wife two days ago
    F                      G                C
You shook my hand and said Francis was your name

              F     G
And you had a hat
            C      Am
And I had a hat
F                G
Mmm, we both had hats
                F       G
And my wife was dead
                  Am       D
And your wife was dead
F      G                C
  Shit happens, Francis said

Francis said it's five o'clock
Am                           F                           G
How about we find a rock and throw at some cars from the bridge
I laughed and said that sounds like fun
We walked into the setting sun
    F                 G             C
And Francis said "I'm aiming at the kids"

               F    G             
And he threw a rock
             C    Am
So I threw a rock
   F                         G
We both put some gravel in a sock
                 F   G                  Am      D
And he threw the sock, I said we should stop
   F                  G                 C
He smiled at me, then threw a rock in a sock

We snuck down to the local farm
And there we opened up the barn
   F                                  G
To set the horses free and watch them run
The moon was extra bright that night
The horses in the pale moonlight
 F                   G                    C
"Watch this" Francis said, and pulled his gun

              F      G
And he shot a horse
            C     Am
So I shot a horse
F                                 G
Francis choked a chicken with his hands
                  F  G               Am    D
But watching them die, he started to cry
     F              G                   C
"I'm bored" Francis said, let's steal a car

Oh, Margaret, Oh Margaret
          F              C
Don't you worry bout' me now
    Am         F          C
I'm doing just fine on my own
          G                               F                 C
There are other things to life than your soft skin against mine
    Am         F               C
And Francis is helping me move on
    G      C
I'm moving on

Life's a bitch, a wise man said
No matter what, you end up dead
    F                              G
And all that you can wish for is a friend
So pour another glass of wine
With Francis shoulder touching mine
      F                 G              C
I 'll stay right here until the bitter end

               F    G
And you have a hat
             C     Am
And I have a hat
F                 G
Mmm, we both have hats
                 F     G
And your wife is dead
               Am    D
And my wife is dead
F         G             Am
Here's to life, Francis said
F         G             Am
Here's to life, Francis said
F         G             C
Here's to life, Francis said